Debra Shutt

The Brand, Beatrice Bradley, is based on the relationship of Debra Countryman Shutt, our owner and her grandmother, Beatrice (Belle Baker) Bradley. These women shared a sense of great adventure and were never afraid to hop into action to travel on their next trip. Debra developed into a business entrepreneur, built her own sourcing and design company, and embarked on a career which included a great deal of business travel. Constantly packing and unpacking a suitcase, she visited production vendors on several continents, high up in the mountains, on the sea coast, and all places in-between. She was able to shop at exclusive stores and at street markets, in small towns and in the largest cities in the world.

Debra always felt that a well dressed woman with chic accessories would be able to make a stand in any meeting, workplace, at any business dinner, wherever life took her. A woman in a very male dominated business, she believes looking good gives you a step up, gets respect and makes you look like you "have your act together".

The travel accessories, Jewelry-on-the-Go and Pack It/Stash It bags, we are selling on Beatrice Bradley.com are intended to help you pack better, keep the interior of your luggage fresh and clean, and make you feel beautiful when dressing to explore any travel destination. The original jewelry line is a passion of Debra’s to keep you ready to look a like a million dollars wherever you are and whatever occasion comes your way.

 Be Brilliant, Embrace Adventure, Be Fearless.