Nature's Brightly Colored Language-A Fall Road Trip

September 15, 2020

Fall foliage in bright colors photo by Denistangeyjr/Getty images

Road travel in Fall can reveal how Nature speaks to us in her own language. Nature's colorful display is evident all over the USA, starting approximately the end of September. Sugar Maples and Red oak and Aspen are just a few of the "stars of the show". This lovely fall foliage image, shot by Denis Tangey, Jr. for Getty images, caught my eye recently.
Driving the back roads of Vermont, New York State or almost anywhere in the upper New England area will treat you to views just like this. Mountainous areas like the Rocky Mountains, the Tetons, and Southern areas like the Smoky Mountains and Blue Ridge parkway will also become ablaze with vibrant colors. In the Midwest lovely areas hugging the coastlines of the Great Lakes can provide a fabulous display of color.
This year, due to hot Summer temperatures around the country and especially warmer than usual night time temperatures, the leaf change will most likely be delayed a week or two. If you would like to drive to see leaves in their peak Fall finery, utilize this wonderful tool to get the latest predictions of when the area you want to visit will be considered "at peak color".


I am currently staying in the Northwoods area of Minnesota. We recently had several nights in the mid-thirty degree range, so Fall is coming fast here. Crabapple trees, like these pictured, make a lovely addition to your fall flower arrangements, these were seen along the Cuyuna bike path near Crosby, Minnesota.

And, Sumac leaves give a fiery color to the countryside landscape.

If you want an inexpensive way to plan a family trip to see Mother Nature's fall fashion show, try visiting a nearby State Park, a National park near you, or by finding designated bike paths which have been built for year round enjoyment. You can drive these areas and pull off at marked "Scenic Overlooks", you can hike in almost all State and National parks; and you can ride your bicycle or walk on most State or county maintained bike paths.

Try hunting with your spouse or friends for a decidedly Fall adventure, tracking pheasant or deer. And, many anglers enjoy fishing in the brisk Fall air. Check out  to learn more about hunting and fishing excursions. 

Camping is another great way to see the leaves change, and don't forget to build a robust campfire to enjoy relaxing after your long day.

 Embrace adventure and get outdoors to enjoy the beauty of the Fall season.

Can't you just taste that warm apple cider or mulled wine? Cheers


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